Work in Finland

The first group of care assistants who came to Finland graduated as practical nurses!

The first group of care assistants who came to Finland through the new training model of Healthcare Staffing Solutions (HSS) graduated as practical nurses on Friday, November 25, 2022. The goal of HSS is to solve the growing staffing needs of nursing homes with the help of work-based immigration.

The study takes place in the digital learning and recruitment platform developed by HSS: Superkoulu. In the HSS education model, students study the Finnish language in their country of origin, as well as the theory studies required for nursing assistant training from the parts of the nursing education qualification. After coming to Finland, the persons complete the necessary tests for the qualification of a care assistant, for example, in cooperation with Sataedu (vocational school), and then continue work as a care assistant. Postgraduate studies for the practical nursing degree are made possible with a learning contract.

The group of 15 students who are graduating now arrived in Finland through the activities of HSS in August-September 2021. Since they arrived in Finland, they have been employed in Mehiläinen‘s social services – first as care assistants and now in the future as practical nurses.

“It’s great to be able to celebrate Graduation. Studying and integration have gone well for the group. HSS has organized comprehensive integration activities and in Mehiläinen’s social services we have been able to focus on the orientation of work units and employees, the integration of employees in the workplace and supporting studies and the development of the Finnish language”, rejoices project manager Maria Kylänpää of Mehiläinen’s social services.

“I enjoy my work, and I have friends here. I enjoy new experiences because it’s different here than in the Philippines. Here there is snow, free education, and a lot of winter activities. I haven’t experienced them before. I think the education has been challenging because I don’t have a health degree before. The Finnish language is also challenging. When the student finds a routine, the work is easier,” says Rodora Miatapal, who has now graduated as a practical nurse.

The students have completed the care assistant’s theory and grammar studies in their country of origin.

“The training consists of 10-12 months of studying the Finnish language and training to prepare for the care assistant exams. The language training is specialized on the future work and living environment in terms of culture and content,” says HSS CEO Jussi Lehmuskallio.

After coming to Finland, the students completed the tests required for the training of a care assistant in connection with the intensive induction. They have continued their nursing studies with an apprenticeship contract. The nursing assistant and nursing studies have been implemented with Sataedu in the HSS model. Sataedu has several years of experience training family nurses for people with immigrant backgrounds. The teaching focuses on Finnish language studies. As language skills accumulate, studies will extend to nursing studies.

“We have noticed that the language and care training in the country of origin is a good way to ensure the employee’s motivation and suitability. Our focus is now on ensuring that language skills development continues even after coming to Finland. It is the most important element for success in the workplace and in the new home country,” He continues.

With the help of almost four hundred nurses who came through HSS, operational processes such as settlement, recruitment, and training paths have been continuously developed.

“We are proud that we operate ethically, and the feedback from both the employers and the recruits themselves is positive,” Lehmuskallio says.

The establishment of HSS about three years ago was a strategic project for Mehiläinen to support its personnel recruitment and the needs of our external customers.

“We have increased the number of recruitment and training, and we already have about 1,000 nurses in training at HSS. We are always developing our innovative and ethical recruitment and training model and preparing for significant growth for HSS,” concludes Mehiläinen’s human resources director Tatu Tulokas.​​​​​​​​